Tłumaczenie na j. angielski informacji o działalności Akademii Rozwoju Filantropii w Polsce

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Termin realizacji: 2018-03-18

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Celem zadania jest przetłumaczenie na język angielski 1 strony tekstu, informującego o działalności Akademii Rozwoju Filantropii w Polsce. Posłuży on do przygotowania materiałów promocyjnych Akademii, co pozwoli nam jeszcze lepiej i szerzej działać, a tym samym pomagać większej ilości osób i organizacji.

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Przygotowanie tłumaczenia tekstu z języka polskiego na język angielski

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2018-03-05 17:28:59
For twenty years, we are trying to make people organize around socially important matters, wanted and could act together. We inspire. We help you act!
We activate local communities
We combine global goals with local activities. The range of our programs, addressed to residents of smaller towns and villages, covers ¼ of municipalities in Poland. In the Act Locally program, we run a network of 72 Act Locally Centres which, through educational activities and grants, support local initiatives. In "PAFF Local Partnerships" we teach to build partnerships for the common good. In the latest initiative of the "Global Challenges Local Solutions" Academy, we provide support to organizations from all over Europe who want to act locally for sustainable development goals.
We develop modern philanthropy
We create an offer of attractive proposals for people willing to invest their time and resources in building social values. We are launching the "Double Challenge" Fund, in which by investing wisely, we will build the financial self-sufficiency of the most valuable social initiatives. Another form of contemporary individual and institutional philanthropy are perpetual Funds. They have a personal character, reflect interests and build the prestige of the donor, thus putting up a "living monument" of professed ideas and key values.
We promote social activities
"Charity Stars" is the only public plebiscite in Poland and the largest media campaign promoting and rewarding the social involvement of famous people. We promote the best examples of charitable activities of people, who use their recognition to act for the benefit of society. The culmination of the campaign is the annual Charity Ball "Charity Stars". We also run the "Society of the Year" Program, in which we select and reward worth imitating social activists.
We support the social involvement of business
For twenty years, we are running the 'Benefactor of the Year' Competition, the aim of which is to promote the idea of corporate social responsibility. Every year, we reward companies that in their activities consider not only their financial interest, but also take care for social development. In addition, we run a Coalition of "President-volunteers", which brings together the presidents of both large and smaller enterprises. Through the activities of the Coalition, we show how important it is to share knowledge and experience and what benefits, both for companies and non-governmental organizations, competence volunteering is bringing.
Find out more about our activities: www.filantropia.org.pl